139 Magnet Ring sw/s Größe: 16 ca. 16 mm (ca.50,5)


139 Magnet Ring sw/s Größe: 16 ca. 16 mm (ca.50,5)

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Product.Nr.: 139-1

EAN: 4250599109158

Mod.: Energy and Life

EUR 29,00
incl. 19 % VAT

  • *** Sofort versandfertig ***
  • Select size: 16

Material: stainless steel

Surface: matt - polished / ion-plating black

Number of Magnets: 1

Magnetic strength: each about 1200 Gauss / Tesla 0.12

Measured after installation in the finished product.
There are built much stronger magnets in the article.

Of magnet: neodymium

Polarity: North

Width: 8mm